Prepare To Move In The San Fernando Valley

No matter how many times you move, we know there is always something you may seem to find that you wished you have done differently. All of our dedicated agents enjoy helping you cover just about everything with a thorough checklist and selling process to help you achieve the transition with peace and confidence.

Here’s a small tip on the preparations you can use to begin staging your home, and inexpensive ways to maximize your home’s appeal:

“First impressions are everything, and it does not start from the entryway to your home, but even before a buyer gets to the curb of your property. This is why it’s absolutely vital to make your home look as great as it possibly can, and the best part is that it doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money or time.”

Keep the grass freshly cut
Remove all yard clutter
Power wash fences
Apply fresh paint to wooden fences
Paint the front door
Weed and apply fresh mulch to garden beds
Trim the hedges
Fix any loose stones on the walkway
Plant some flowers or display them in flower pots
Clean windows inside and out
Power wash or paint your home’s exterior
Tighten and clean all door handles
Tighten any railings on the stairs
Remove rust from any railings on the stairs
Check that gutters and downspouts are firmly attached
Remove any excess hanging ivy

Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture, and knickknacks
Invest in a temporary storage unit
Remove personal photographs and mementos
Clear away magazines
Clean or paint walls and ceilings
Dust ceiling fans, vents, and air conditioning units
Clean and organize cabinets, drawers, and closets
Clean the carpets and rugs
Repair all plumbing leaks

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