Finding The Perfect Home In The San Fernando Valley

A Team Agents will be happy to assist you in all areas of finding and learning what will work for your goals!
View below our checklist and contact an agent today.

Use these questions to help make your very own list of housing requirements:

Where do you want to live? What city? Neighborhood?
What price range will you consider?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?
In what kind of house would you like to live? One-story? Two-story? Townhouse?
What is the square footage you’ll consider as the minimum?
Do you want easy access to highways?
Is neighborhood walkability important to you?
Do you want to live in a gated community?
Do you want to live in an area with community amenities such as a swimming pool or sports courts?
Is there an architectural style to which you’re drawn?
Is there an architectural style you strongly dislike?
Do you want a new home or older home(less than 4 years old)?
How close to a specific school system?
Are you willing to do a little renovation? A lot of renovation? No renovation?Do you want to live near public transit?
What is the maximum square footage you’ll consider?
Are there physical needs that need to be met (wheelchair access or limited stairs)?
Do you have pets with special requirements?

Every A-Team Realty agent and staff member is dedicated to the highest-level of customer service and client satisfaction. Our success was built by maintaining the needs and best interests of our clients as our highest priority. The intimate knowledge of the real estate market combined with our unique and innovative approach to real estate sales, makes us the number one choice among consumers and places us ahead of the curve, constantly moving forward.

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